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Part 1: Genes, Chromosomes, and Heredity Extranuclear Inheritance Review
  1. Extranuclear factors can often influence phenotype. One such factor is heredity.
    • Some traits of photosynthetic organisms can be inherited through the , which contains its own DNA.
    • Another organelle capable of transmitting traits is the , which also has its own DNA, and exhibits inheritance.
    • The origin of chloroplasts and mitochondria was probably of free-living bacteria, and these organelles retained their prokaryote-like , double-stranded DNA.
    • Mutation in an organelle may result in , where an individual has cells with a mixture of normal and abnormal organelles.
  2. heredity results from the association between a host cell and an invading microorganism or particle.
  3. Gene products in the cytoplasm of the egg may also determine an offspring's phenotype due to maternal (maternal ). The effect may be temporary or permanent.
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